Thermal Infrared camera Flir T640


Thermal Infrared camera Flir T640



The T640 infrared camera is part of the FLIR T-Series, the most flexible, innovative and highest quality professional-grade handheld thermal cameras on the market. The Flir T640 features a rotating optical block that makes it easy to capture images from any angle comfortably.

This infrared handheld camera also features 307,200 pixels at 640 × 480, giving professional thermographers the highest thermal resolution and sensitivity for the best-looking images and most accurate temperature measurements. When coupled with dual 5 megapixel digital cameras, The FLIR T640 will give you the sharpest visible light and thermal images you need to create the most effective documentation.

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Thermal Infrared camera Flir T640 specifications
Total Pixels 307 200
Zoom 8x digital
General Specifications
Operation temp. -15°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Temperature Range -20°C to 2000°C
Thermal sensitivity < 0.04°C
Frequency 30 Hz
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 4.3"
Battery Li-ion
Battery use time 3 hours
Accuracy +/- 2% or 2°C
Field of view 25° x 19° / 0.25 m 15° x 11° / 0.5 m 45° x 34° / 0.15 m
Resolution 640 x 480
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