PTZ unit for large-sized zoom lenses

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PTZ unit for large-sized zoom lenses



This product has been specifically designed to fit some of the largest zoom lenses in the market. This positioning system integrates a large-sized housing, a high performance P&T head and telemetry receiver. The unit guarantees an optimal camera position in outdoor installations.

The positioning unit can be used in several kinds of external installations, such as: harbour control, urban settings, stadiums, industries, prisons or military applications and also perimeter surveillance.

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PTZ unit for large-sized zoom lenses specifications
Angular travel tilt +45° to -20°
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 258 x 650 x 400
Power 220V
Pan speed 0.1° - 20° /s
Tilt speed 0.1° - 20° /s
Angular travel pan 360°
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