Night Vision Goggles (Gen.2+)

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Night Vision Goggles (Gen.2+)


$ 3,499.95 CAD

These night vision goggles provide you with the ability to see in complete darkness. They can be mounted on the head or helmet of the user to leave the hands free for other manipulations.


  • Lens Cap
  • Flip up Goggle Kit
  • One Lithium Battery
  • Soft carrying Case
  • Lens Tissue
  • Instruction Manual & CD guide
  • Warranty card

Or order by phone: 1.888.779.8766
Night Vision Goggles (Gen.2+) specifications
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 160 x 62 x 102mm
Battery use time 60 hours w/o IR
Field of view 40 deg.
Resolution 40-45 lp/mm
Battery type 3V battery CR123A
Diopter adjustment +/- 5
Intensifier tube Gen. 2+
Lens system F1.2, 25 mm
Magnification 1X
3,499.95 In stock