Mini Audio Recorder

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Mini Audio Recorder



This mini audio recorder allows you to record continuously for over 85 hours. Its microphone has the ability to record a conversation that is more than 10 meters away (30 feet).

This mini audio recorder is one of the most miniature recorder available on the market. The enclosure of this recorder is made out of aluminum and its dimensions are of 42x9x16mm (1.65" x 0.35" x 0.63"). This recording device cannot be detected by non-linear junction detectors. The TAR-22 is able to continuously record for more than 85 hours with the use of only one 1.5V battery. The Mini Audio Recorder is convenient for any secret installation. All its data can be transferred to a PC via USB. It also contains all of the follwing functions: voice activated recording, a password protection, a timer and a precision time code with every record.

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Mini Audio Recorder specifications
Mic Sensitivity 10 meters (32 feet)
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 46x9x16mm (1,65x0,35x0,63")
Battery one single 1,5V Zinc-Air ZA675 or AG13
Battery life in record mode 85 hours with Zinc-Air battery
Data transfer to PC via USB
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