M28 Efoy Fuel cell cartridge

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M28 Efoy Fuel cell cartridge


$ 229.95 CAD

One Efoy M28 fuel cell cartridge delivers 31.1 kWh pure energy to the Efoy Pro generators

Change your EFOY fuel cartridges in seconds. It's a green solution, safe and simple . All Efoy fuel cartridges are TÜV safety-tested and certified. With a sigle M28 fuel cartridge, you could be on the road for up to 4 weeks without a mains supply. This means that with a single M28 fuel cartridge you can use your notebook to plan 2800 outings, you can transmit 1540 hours of radio messages from your car or boat ... and all this fully independent of the mains supply.

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M28 Efoy Fuel cell cartridge specifications
General Specifications
Quantity 28 l (7.4 gallons)
Capacity 31.1 kWh
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 420 x 280 x 360 mm
Work Time Autonomy @ 50 W; 622 h
229.95 In stock