Horn Broadband Antenna AX-48H

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Horn Broadband Antenna AX-48H


$ 2,299.95 CAD

The AX-48H antenna is a broadband open-ended rectangular horn waveguide antenna. This piece of security equipment is ideally suited for surveillance and monitoring, direction finding, EMI testing and other microwave applications.

The linearly polarized antenna features high and consistent gain over a wide frequency range. It is lightweight and small in size, making it optimal for mobile applications. The AX-48H antenna is made of durable, high-quality aluminum and comes with SMA-type female connector.

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Horn Broadband Antenna AX-48H specifications
Front-to-back ratio 20 min dB.
Model TX or RX
Output Impedance 50 ohms
Polarization Linear
Type Broadband horn waveguide
General Specifications
Beamwidth 24-52 @ 3 dB
Gain 9.7 dBi (2 GHz), 9.9 dBi (4 GHz), 12.3 dBi (8 GHz), 12.6 dBi (12 GHz), 11.4 dBi (18 GHz)
Interface SMA Connectors
Operating temperature -20º to 80ºC
Frequency 2 - 18 GHz
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 104 x 78 x 127 mm, (4.09"x 3.07 x 5")
VSWR 1:2.00 (2 GHz), 1:1.85 (6 GHz), 1:1.45 (12 GHz), 1:1.36 (18 GHz)
2,299.95 In stock