Explosion-proof stainless steel housing

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Explosion-proof stainless steel housing



This product features an electropolished explosion proof AISI 316L stainless steel housings, designed for demanding applications in accordance with the strictest Standards for hazardous areas, ATEX IECEx UL. This range is characterized by absolute sturdiness, rugged construction, easy installation and low maintenance as well as VIDEOTEC’s high quality level

Recommended for installation in highly corrosive and with explosive risk environments, such as oil refineries petrochemical plants and marine areas.

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  • Absolute sturdiness
  • Rugged construction
  • Easy installation & low maintenance
  • VIDEOTEC’s high quality level


Explosion-proof stainless steel housing specifications
General Specifications
Operating temperature -40°C + 60°C
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 80 x 88 x 245mm
Power 12 / 24 / 110 / 220 V
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