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Specialized Tools

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  1. Ultrasound Speech Protector

    The 360° Ultrasound Speech Protector is a ultrasound noise generator that is inaudible for humans but scrambles microphones. The conference table model can protect your voice conversation without the other party's knowledge.

  2. Ultrasonic and Acoustic Portable Speech Protector

    The SANTOR portable speech protector is the most sophisticated device on the market to protect your confidential conversations. With two modes of protection, you can covertly protect your voice or activate the acoustic jammer to insure your private communications.

  3. Inspection pole camera 12.5 feet with a 6.4 inch monitor

    The Pole Camera is an essential piece of counter-surveillance equipment, as it provides access to hard-to-reach areas such as drop ceilings, behind immovable objects, around corners and more. The 12.5’ pole camera can be extended or retracted to achieve the desired length to fit your surveillance purposes.

  4. Camera detector

    Camera detector



    This portable hidden camera detector allows you to scan an entire room in order to detect any surveillance cameras present. It is a great tool for anyone who suspects that they are being recorded without their consent. This video camera detector allows you to visually register any lens in the form of a bright spot on the underlying background. Visualization of the observed object is via a built-in electronic pseudo binocular. This counter-surveillance device will allow you to protect your privacy.

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