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  1. Ultrasound Speech Protector

    The 360° Ultrasound Speech Protector is a ultrasound noise generator that is inaudible for humans but scrambles microphones. The conference table model can protect your voice conversation without the other party's knowledge.

  2. Ultrasonic and Acoustic Portable Speech Protector

    The SANTOR portable speech protector is the most sophisticated device on the market to protect your confidential conversations. With two modes of protection, you can covertly protect your voice or activate the acoustic jammer to insure your private communications.

  3. Wired Microphone detector

    This portable acoustically stimulated microphone detection system is a perfect tool for TSCM operators who want to detect eavesdropping devices such as an amplified wired microphone system or a radio microphone. The acoustically stimulated microphone detection system provides microphone detection by detecting the audio signal radiated by a microphone and subjecting it to high amplification with elaborate digital filtering to remove extraneous noise.

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