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Electronic espionage is a real threat in the security and safety of corporate information, private documents and confidential conversations. You can uncover the threats in your surroundings with the help of our counter surveillance services, wired microphone detectors, RF detectors and portable noise generators. Our professionals are available to perform a thorough sweep of your equipment and premises, which will help you to prevent fraud and detect any weaknesses in your security.

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  1. Ultrasound Speech Protector

    The 360° Ultrasound Speech Protector is a ultrasound noise generator that is inaudible for humans but scrambles microphones. The conference table model can protect your voice conversation without the other party's knowledge.

  2. The CMA-100 (Professional detection device)

    This Countermeasures amplifier (CMA-100) is a professional detection device used for electronic counter surveillance purposes. This high-gain audio amplifier detects and identifies certain types of surveillance devices attached to building wiring, such as telephone wiring, LAN and server systems, AC Power, Alarm wire and more.

  3. REI CPM-700 Deluxe professional portable sweep kit

    The CPM-700 deluxe professional sweep kit is composed of a broadband receiver designed to detect and locate all major types of electronic surveillance devices. The CPM-700 electronic countermeasure kit comprises a cost-effective tool used to perform thorough electronic counter-surveillance sweeps that detect the presence of any devices used for audio spying including room, phone, body bugs, audio and video transmitters, and tape recorders.

  4. The TALAN (Professional detection package)

    The TALAN Telephone and Line Analyzer represents a revolutionary new breakthrough in telephone line testing. There are currently no other professional detection devices available with the same capabilities.

  5. Ultrasonic and Acoustic Portable Speech Protector

    The SANTOR portable speech protector is the most sophisticated device on the market to protect your confidential conversations. With two modes of protection, you can covertly protect your voice or activate the acoustic jammer to insure your private communications.

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