Communications Equipment

Communications Equipment

Communication is a vital part of every security job. We have all types of security communication equipment, including long-range security antennas, police scanners, two-way radio systems and more. Our job is to make sure that you and your team can communicate efficiently and effectively, and that you have communication equipment that you can rely on.

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  1. AMFE Antenna Multiplexer and Frequency Extender

    The AX-AMFE is an antenna multiplexer and frequency extender that fulfills the dual roles of an antenna switching unit and a frequency downconverter. This makes it possible to easily interface separate HF, VHF, UHF and SHF antennas to a wide-band receiver, as well as provide frequency downconversion for input signals up to 8599 MHz.

  2. Horn Broadband Antenna AX-48H

    Horn Broadband Antenna AX-48H


    $ 2,299.95 CAD

    The AX-48H antenna is a broadband open-ended rectangular horn waveguide antenna. This piece of security equipment is ideally suited for surveillance and monitoring, direction finding, EMI testing and other microwave applications.

  3. High-Performance Radio Scanner for Computers (PCI)

    This high-performance radio scanner for computers is composed of a PC-based receiver that is PCI controlled and compatible with any modern desktop computer. The radio scanner functions when the PCI card is plugged into an available slot of an IBM-compatible PC, and is ideal for high-performance multi-channel monitoring systems.

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