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  1. Hardware & software set for audio/speech signal analysis

    The IKAR lab kit provides professional hardware and software set for advanced audio/speech signal analysis. This advanced solution for forensic data recovery gives you powerful speech enhancement and audio restoration opportunities, sophisticated speech analysis capabilities, precise noise cancellation options and numerous editing tools.

  2. Professional Denoiser Box

    Professional Denoiser Box


    $ 2,199.95 CAD

    This professional Denoiser Box allows you to diminish undesired harmonic noises, providing you with improved live sound or speech quality while recording or listening in the field. The Denoiser is a perfect tool for law enforcement professionals who require listening devices for investigation purposes, such as police officers, technical investigators, surveillance teams, private investigators, forensic lab specialists or other law enforcement agencies.

  3. Armored Car: Mercedes S Class, level III

    Protect yourself from armed individuals with a bulletproof car for safe transportation. The Mercedes S Class, level III armored car provides security against handguns and assault rifles such as:

    • 0.44 Magnum
    • UZI 9 x 99mm
    • AK-47 Kalashnikov 7.62mm

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