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  1. Compact audio transmitter for concealment with low-power consumption

    DigiMicro T LPC is a low-power transmitter employing a ceramic chip antenna instead of the usual 1/4 wave whip. This solution reduces the overall footprint and dramatically increases concealment options. As with the Digimicro LPA, the transmitter offers two RF output power

  2. Digital audio micro recorders, Dual Micro SD

    extremely effective and easy to use. Suitable for a large range of applications and completely programmable.Knowles active microphones ensure
    faithful source acquisition and an optimal intelligibility of speech, even in presence of strong background noise, without the typical artefacts associated with the analysis/ synthesis type of coders (e.g. GSM,CELP). Data is recorded on removable microSD. Compatible Micro SD cards from 1 to 16 Gb per slot.

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