Audio Surveillance

Audio Surveillance

If you require a portable audio recording station, modular transmitter, contact microphone or digital voice recorder, you will find them in this section. All of our acoustic surveillance equipment is of the highest quality, providing you with clear recordings for your intelligence purposes.

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  1. Compact audio transmitter for concealment with low-power consumption

    DigiMicro T LPC is a low-power transmitter employing a ceramic chip antenna instead of the usual 1/4 wave whip. This solution reduces the overall footprint and dramatically increases concealment options. As with the Digimicro LPA, the transmitter offers two RF output power

  2. 4 channel receiver Micro RL PLUS

    4 channel receiver Micro RL PLUS


    $ 3,499.95 CAD

    Micro RL PLUS has 4 factory set frequencies that can be manually selected by the user. Micro3 signal requires dedicated version.

  3. Compact receiver for Digimicro LPA/LPC

    The Modulo is a compact receiver for Digimicro LPA/LPC specifically developed for deployment scenarios where the signal must be re-routed to a listening centre via a twisted pair line (Phone line). It's small dimensions make it perfect for installation close to the target.

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